which specializes
in organizing and managing
business events

About us


WECON - international company which specializes in organizing and managing business events.

Our priority - forums and conferences in the field of economics and business, corporate projects, master classes. WECON is the team of professionals that has many years of experience in the financial, payment and IT sectors. We are actively evolved in other areas, supporting the development of technologies and the implementation of innovations. Over 60 successfully implemented projects over the past 12 years - this is the best indicator of our competence and reliability in long-term partnerships. We are known and trusted by leading experts and specialists of the business community, heads of companies and industry associations.

WECON events - are an excellent platform for live communication and making business contacts, searching for new ideas in business development in various sectors of the economy.

solving the most difficulttasks in eventorganization

solving the most difficult
tasks in event

appreciating the long termpartnership

appreciating the long term

providing Your businessthe necessary communicationfor development

providing Your business
the necessary communication
for development

analyzing actual trendsand thinking about the future

analyzing actual trends
and thinking about the future

creating professional platformsfor the exchanging of experienceand expert opinions

creating professional platforms
for the exchanging of experience
and expert opinions

offering and implementingthe most ambitious ideas

offering and implementing
the most ambitious ideas

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Alexey Lazukin

Head of Projects
+7 499 288 27 40 ext.102
+7 925 070 46 33
Skype: aleksej_lazukin

Aleksandr Baranov

Head of Projects
+7 499 288 27 40 ext.101
+7 968 954 52 68
Skype: aleksandrs.baranovs

registration and participation

Zhanna Parkhomik

Head of department
+7 499 288 27 40 ext.103

accreditation of journalists and media support issues

partnership and participation in the exhibition
Adress: 4/3-XII-4, Kashirskoe Shosse, Moscow, 115230, Russia
INN: 7724949759, OGRN: 1147748026139
Bank: ALFA-BANK, BIC: 044525593
Current Account (RUB): 40702810402280000261
+7 499 288 27 40